Friday, April 6, 2007

Programmers Guild on Lou Dobbs April 5, 2007

Lou Dobbs and his correspondent Bill Tucker can see through the corporate smokescreen of how the H-1b is being used to undermine U.S. software professionals - as part of corporate war on middleclass Americans. On April 5th the Programmers Guild gave their perspective on why the H-1b cap was reached in one day.

CLICK HERE to view the video clip and read the transcript of the segment.


Anonymous said...

I hope the H-1B cap gets abolished.

If American programmers cannot compete with Indian programmers they need to:
1) Get more educated. Higher productivity commands higher wages. OR
2) Lower their wages. If they don't then inflation will do it for them.
It's simple macroeconomics.
Personally, I'm a Computer Engineer in Canada and we seem to be able to compete fine. I'm just about to graduate and between me and my close friends we have commanded salaries between 60 000 and 140 000.

Anonymous said...

You won't be getting those salaries for long.

The Fed govt just increased foreign worker visa from 1 to 3 year length.