Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yappy-headed Yoh Index reveals dramatic underpayment of H-1b workers

As reported by the SF Chronicle and InformationWeek, Yoh conducted a survey of technology wages, finding that "highly-skilled technology professionals are making more money than ever." The survey claims very high average wages for typical IT jobs:

  • NET Developer $53.40
  • Database Administrator $59.80
  • ETL Developer $66.52
  • Hardware Engineer $75.68
  • Java Developer $57.27
  • SAP® Functional Consultant $76.67
  • Technical Consultant $83.72

These are the types of skills that employers are filling with H-1b workers, and these figures suggest a median salary well into six figures. But the average pay for H-1b workers performing these jobs is roughly half of these rates. See the figure in this article, for example.

If such jobs exist, where are they? Not at Yoh Consulting. A search of their openings reveals that Yoh pays substantially below what they claim is an "average wage":

Furthermore Yoh pays its own H-1b workers around $50,000 for most positions.

Proposal: In order to protect the wages of U.S. workers, USCIS should only approve those H-1b applications that pay at least the average wages of the Yoh study. Under that basic wage protection it's unlikely that more than 1% of the pending 133,000 applications would be approved.


Unknown said...

Consulting companies take a percentage of the billrate. Happens all the time. Delloite consultants are bill out $200-$300 bucks an hour but get substantially less.

It all depends on how well the consultant negotiates.

Also, Yoh may be stating the billrate they charge clients, but when it finally hits the consultant it may be much lower.

If a non H-1 were to join that company they would get the same salary.


Mr. Kim Berry said...

This is not Bill-rate. The SF Chronicle article is clear:

"This is actual data from actual paychecks,'' said Yoh Vice President Jim Lanzalotto.

Yoh is claiming that the average IT programmer within those skills is TAKING HOME $100k to $160k.

I know there are a few lucky programmers with direct contracts earning that rate. But they are talking about salaried/hourly workers.

Anonymous said...

Yoh is a Jewish Mafia Firm based out of Philadelphia. I have dealt with them directly. The old man was to be the leader of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce his was replaced by PA Gov Mark Schweiker instead. Schweiker used to work at Merrill Lynch Princeton NJ he was involved with the outsourcing of US jobs to Indian Labor...over 30+ mgrs were getting kickbacks here. Now as leader of the Chamber Schweiker is directing all business to outsourc via his pet firms with consideration in the offshore accounts. Jimmy Yoh son of H.L. You is one of the most sleazest slims I have ever met. HE controls all business for Yoh on the East Coast. Along with their management services dealer. Day and Zimmerman...This is all Jewish Mafia.

Anonymous said...

YOH is one of the sleaziest firms that I have ever worked for as a consultant. I will never work for them again ever. If they are having difficulty finding people it is due to their corporate policies not to lack of skilled consultants/employees available.