Sunday, April 8, 2007

Fiscal Year 2006 H-1b LCA Data available from DOL

You can download the FY 2006 LCA data as an Access database from the DOL website here. For LCA searches, a more convenient option is to search at

If prior years are an indication, DOL will not release the FY 2007 until after the jobs are filled with H-1b workers in October 2007. We would not want any Americans taking these jobs that the U.S. Goverment has reserved for foreign workers.

"Silly Americans, U.S. tech jobs are for Indians."


Anonymous said...

H-1b's aren't the only problem, my friends.

IBM is offshoring their own jobs (is that "outsourcing" - they call it Global Restructuring) to a couple of South American countries with existing IBM infrastructure.

These are similar technical jobs to programming - but I consider them one level lower on the technical/expertise scale.

Most of these are jobs that pay $50-100K+ in the states. Lord knows what IBM is paying CONTRACTORS in South America to do the same work.

There is rumored to be a couple thousand employees at IBM's Brazil site now. This will move close to 10,000 next year.

The writing is on the wall both here and abroad.



Anonymous said...

crappy blog. well done kim berry!

Anonymous said...

Time to upgrade your skills if you only know how to program in COBOL, LOL.