Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Software Development Jobs at Microsoft

Bill Gates told the U.S. Senate that he needs more H-1b visas to fill the thousands of open positions at Microsoft. A search for "software development" openings returns 690 matches, but reveals interesting data:
  • 22 of the 690 positions were posted today (March 13, 2007)

  • Most of the positions were posted after January 20, 2007.
Since it can take several weeks to screen resumes, fly in candidates for interviews, make and accept offers, this reveals that Microsoft is filling the bulk of its positions in a timely manner. Since no H-1b visas are currently available, Gates must be finding sufficiently talented U.S. workers - and this in spite of minimal recruitment efforts, such as not recruiting at any of the 22 CSU campuses in California.

A search for "development" jobs at just one site in India returned 118 positions, which means in proportion to total number of positions, Microsoft is having more trouble filling jobs in India than in the U.S. Yet you won't see him lobbying India to admit an unlimited number of engineers from China.

REQUEST: Displaced and underemployed U.S. workers with BS degrees and several years of experience - please apply for some of these positions and advise us of the results.


Anonymous said...

Get a life man..! For one you don't provide any realistic solutions to the problem (say allow the workers to control their own H1B, GC process so that they have greater control over their wages) so why should anyone take you seriously.

You sound more like the Tancredo of high-skilled immigration. Just a lot of talk but no realistic solutions which the companies would be willing to accept.

Mr. Kim Berry said...

I view "sounding like Tancredo" as a complement. Anyway we do propose a solution: Only issue H-1b after employer demonstrates that no qualified U.S. workers are available, and then mandate that H-1b be paid at least the average wage of U.S. workers in same classification. Then the current cap would never be reached. This is consistent with Pascrell Bill.

Anonymous said...

Kim - What are your views on STRIVE Act?

Mr. Kim Berry said...

Personally I oppose STRIVE as Amnesty that allows 12+ million illegal immigrants to retain their jobs in the U.S. - without first trying to fill these jobs with the U.S. citizens who were wrongly deprived of them - and then grants them citizenship solely based upon their illegal status in the U.S.

The law of supply and demand will fill every necessary job in the U.S. with current legal residents, nad the competition will drive up our standard of living and push more people into higher tax brackets where they pay tax rather than receive "earned income credit."

Anonymous said...

How come you and John Miano are on Lou Dobbs show so often? Is Lou Dobbs middle class? He doesn't own shares in Msoft,cisco,Intel,oracle.
Also, you do not bring people who support the program and benefit out of it. Why can't you have a debate over it like the presidential debates? Any system in the country will be abused if its let out there with out reforms. Ask the govt to reform it and tighten the screws on bad guys. Do not suggest every one to amputate their arms if they can get away with proper treatment.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know there're already thousands of new resumes daily in the Microsoft database?

You do think it's very easy to get a job offer from Microsoft, huh?