Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Congress set to triple the H-1b quota in HR 4065!

Author Rep. James Sensenbrenner [R-WI] represents HR 4065 as "To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to strengthen enforcement of the immigration laws, to enhance border security, and for other purposes."

However, section SEC. 1402 contains a provision that would increase the H-1b quota from 65,000 to between 130,000 and 195,000 per year.

The Programmers Guild has sent this FAX to the 10 sponsors.

FULL TEXT of the bill IS HERE.

Congressman Sensenbrenner HR 4065 Press Release on his website. (It provides no explanation for the H-1b increase.)

REQUEST: It is critical that you phone the following Congressmen and ask that they remove this H-1b provision, which has nothing to do with enhancing border security. You can reach them all toll free at 800-614-2803, and ask to be transferred to their office. You might reference the Programmers Guild fax.

1) Rep. Brian Bilbray [R-CA]
2) Rep. Howard Coble [R-NC]
3) Rep. David Dreier [R-CA]
4) Rep. Tom Feeney [R-FL]
5) Rep. Elton Gallegly [R-CA]
6) Rep. Robert Goodlatte [R-VA]
7) Rep. Daniel Lungren [R-CA]
8) Rep. Sue Myrick [R-NC]
9) Rep. Jon Porter [R-NV]
10) Rep. James Sensenbrenner [R-WI]


Anonymous said...

As a parent of an IT graduate who finished his undergraduate in 2.5 years; was on the Deans List and most of all was "Made In America" from generations of contributors whom have sacrificed to build this nation: it is time to file lawsuits against BILL GATES for his FRAUD, and DECEPTION importing foreigners to rip off USA jobs with families having to relingquish their rights after generations!
Additionally, we are subsidizing these people while we have foreclosures; outsourcing; student loans on the backs of graduates not bein considered by foreign companies on our own soil--on and on.
Finally, we are giving away our own nations sovereignty.
Equally dangerous H1B Visas holders and their nation--especially India and COMMUNIST CHINA have ALL OUR PERSONAL DATA and INFORMATION-DANGEROUS not to mention the National Defense SYSTEM Clintons and Bush's have donated
What do these nations care about us dba the USA--our nation? Probably, as much as Bill Gates and Ted Kennedy do--TREASON.
We the US citizens are 4 percent of the worlds OVERPOPULATION: we made choice to have a quality nation which has been overrun by overpopulated nations.
We have inherited their priorities; diseases, birth rates, languages, illegitimacy, illiteracy, demands for rights on our soil; drugs and NUMBERS in our classrooms, work spaces, streets, highways where URBAN SPRAWL is devastating our quality of lie.
How dare TED or BILL: either give away this nation when they have no right to do so!?!
US TROOPS --our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers have been each generation--and now are being systematically sacrificed around the world on foreign soil for OPEN BORDERS USA WORLD COLONIAS.
STAND UP or remain in silence helping the demise of your own heritage.
Do Unto Others.............
One Nation Under GOD

Anonymous said...

StopUSAGiveaway , what a joke, the US really belongs to American Indians, that is what the heritage should be - not hamburgers and Humvs. It is a land of immigrants and you can be the sore loser;things will not change.
Nobody forced anybody to go to foreign soil nor it is a great sacrifice,its all about oil and it is no big secret.
Regarding your comment on drugs...do you see too many pot smoking Eastern Eurpoeans, Indians and Chinese? Go back and watch your Britney show-thats where you belong..

Anonymous said...

The East(India and China) was never interested in Technology. For example Gun Powder was invented in China long back. We just did not take it further. Our Search in life was Truth.

Just because US has some lead in technology( being a first mover)doesnt not mean that she can exploit other nations.

The only solution is what Vedas call Vasudeivakudumbakam . Think that the world in one single family.

Anonymous said...


- 'Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter' – this is what President said from G-8 summit.
- America killed millions of Iraqis for the oil in disguise of destroying Weapons of Mass Destruction(?)
- A bunch of youths from third class country executed 911 attack inside America
- How many allies left in the world and how much oil left the world
By your arrogance and prejudice you disgrace other countries and their problems. Every American should think about real issues instead of fantasizing meager H1B issue. America is the leading force in the globalization.

This globalization will change demographic of the world. Think about decades from now the economy power of Asia (China + India). Be realistic, America is not the world.

If American company has to compete globally it can not depend only on worker with attitude, high salary, inflexible, hardly working and always dictate terms. The people who oppose H1B belong to this category. Why not fight globalization? Stop all ‘Made in China’ products; get rid all the products from India. Ban all Indian and Chinese companies doing business here.

Anonymous said...

Applied Materials outsourced over 10 thousand jobs to China and India. Our family has lost our jobs, our savings, our home and our ability to support our family. In 2002, our household income exceeded 250 thousand dollars per year and our net worth exceeded 1 million dollars. Today, I get calls from bill collectors about 20times each day.

Today, we are now on welfare (food stamps) thanks to the H1-B and L1 Visa program. Our children qualify for free lunch program at school but there is no money to fund the program. Our utility company has sent us a 24 hour notice but we have run out of money. Our children see no hope for this country.