Sunday, November 4, 2007

China's President vows computerized armed forces to win IT-based warfare

IDG News Service reports that China's president Hu Jintao intends to "build strong armed forces through science and technology."

Hu explained, "To attain the strategic objective of building computerized armed forces and winning IT-based warfare, we will accelerate composite development of mechanization and computerization, carry out military training under IT-based conditions, modernize every aspect of logistics, intensify our efforts to train a new type of high-caliber military personnel in large numbers and change the mode of generating combat capabilities."

Are we crazy? We admit students from China into top U.S. universities and train them in the latest IT technology. We allow top U.S. tech firms to outsource and set up shop in China, providing on-the-job training to our military adversary. As we just reported, Cisco is helping to establish 300 vocational schools in China.

Microsoft and IBM have moved development centers to China. And unlike the USA, the Chinese government is helping their tech workers gain current skills: "The [Chinese] government has established 35 national schools to provide software training, especially in technologies such as .Net, Linux, Java, and Web services. Its goal is to have 800,000 trained software pros by the end of [2005]."

"Both military and civilian sectors in China are actively exploring the information warfare concept, which could be gradually developed into a corps of 'network warriors' able to defend China's telecommunications, command, and information networks, while uncovering vulnerabilities in foreign networks," according to, an independent China military-monitoring Web site based in the U.K.

Meanwhile the USA sinks its resources into killing and maiming tens of thousands of America's "best and brightest," fighting mostly imaginary terrorists in Iraq, watching the U.S. dollar lose 30% of its value over the past two years.

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Anonymous said...

I highly recommend viewing the BBC documentary, "The Century of the Self" which can be found on Google video:

It explains how the US/UK governments came to see their populations not as citizens -- but potential Nazis (I kid you not!) to be controlled at all costs.

The H1B program, as the larger immigration policy, is part of this program. I believe the concept is to dilute the native US population with peoples from countries with cultural traditions of authoritarianism and peasantry.

The end result will be a US populated by cmpliant, obedient and happily CHEAP drones without racial, ethnic or class loyalties to threaten the state (or coincidentally, corporations).

Call me "The Spirit of 76" and a supporter of the Programmers' Guild.