Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cisco working with government to open 300 vocational training centers - in China!

U.S. corporations argue for more H-1b workers in order to help America's "Global Competitiveness." So where is the outrage when U.S. corporations act contrary to U.S. interests?

Cisco is a large user of H-1b in the U.S., but to our knowledge has not establed any training facilities to the U.S. to allow Cisco to hire more Americans. But Cisco is working the Chinese goverment to open hundreds to vocational training centers in that country.

Cisco will put its capital to work in China in both direct and indirect ways. It will work with the government to open 300 new vocational training centers across China to teach network skills, with Cisco donating $6 million worth of equipment to those schools, known as the "Cisco Networking Academies." Cisco had previously helped the government open 200 such schools, and the company said 90,000 people have been trained.
It is hypocracy for U.S. companies to both be lobbying for more foreign workers in the U.S. under the guise of helping U.S. global competitiveness, while at the same time undermining our competitiveness by funding training opportunites for our competition.

This economic treason against the USA is being facilitated by the UN:

Following the G-8 Summit, Cisco Systems, Inc.,United Nations Development Program, the US Agency for International Development (Leland Initiative/EDDI), and United Nations Volunteers (UNITeS), announced the formation of this strategic partnership to help train students in Least Developed Countries (LDC) for jobs in the Internet economy.

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Phew.. finally Mr Barry posted something on his blog after a long time. I was beginning to miss all the xenophobic rant.