Thursday, May 3, 2007

U.S. corporations are purging top American tech workers

Getting hired by Intel or IBM has never been easy. Generally they select from the top talent from the top schools. But in spite of claims that employers cannot find qualified workers, according to ERE Networking, Intel and IBM are slated to purge thousands of American tech workers within the next few months.

Additional coverage of the Intel layoff is here. Intel is a member of Compete America coalition that lobbies for more H-1b workers.

Nationwide over 70,000 Americans were laid off in April 2007, a substantial jump from both the month and year prior.

Where are the desperate employers lining up to hire these workers? Why won't Congress suspend the H-1b program until these skilled American workers are re-employed?


Anonymous said...

There's more companies than that, and I assume it would be ok with you to spread your verbiage around what with all the pro-H-1B articles that have hit the press lately and allow comments?

Mr. Kim Berry said...

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I encourage everyone to repost the information on this blog. Giving credit to the source is optional.